Writing to Solve a Problem

Writing to Solve a Problem
Photo by Aaron Burden / Unsplash

My problem is that I don't know which community I want to be a part of.

This article has been inspired by Sahil's book - The Minimalist Entrepreneur (no affiliation). His approach in building a business starts with picking a community. Being an active community member allows you to identify their problems, solve them manually and then productise the solution. Et voilà these are the first steps into building a business.

I do not plan to turn my writing into a business, but the idea stuck. I couldn't resist asking myself over and over again. What community do I want to be part of?

My journey in writing started with the goal of improving my writing skills, and after a few articles, I decided to attach a second goal to my writing. I wanted to learn more about myself and the things I am interested in, which turned into an article where I describe what topics I was interested in at that time.

The topics I am interested in are potential communities to choose from. There are millions of people who are interested in investing, product management, writing or self-improvement, but imagining being part of the "investing-community" or the "self-improvement-community" didn't appear very appealing. Reducing the scope of my articles to a niche felt wrong. I couldn't convice myself that this was the right approach.

The moment I took a close look at those topics, it became clear to me. All those topics are instruments, tools or skills. They are not defined by or attached to a problem or a cause - the "why" is missing. The problem itself is missing.

So the right question to ask would be, "What problem do I want to solve?" or "What do I want the future to look like?".

At this point in time, I can not answer the question, but I am not interested in being part of a community that is solely interested in improving instruments. I am not saying that this is not a viable choice, but it's not the right one for me.

So, I genuinely hope that the following few written content pieces will help me reflect on different problems. I do not have a clear path in mind yet, but I can't wait to explore interest ideas about the future or complex issues that need to be solved.