So far, I have worked in early-stage startups to ideate, validate, test, build and launch digital products.

What I Do

šŸ’» Product Management

I combine business, tech, and design to discover valuable, feasible, and usable products.

šŸ§­ Product Strategy

I help teams create and maintain a clear and defined product- and go-to-market strategy.

šŸ”Ž Customer Development

I help identify the right problems to solve to build something that customers will buy, helping to learn more about customers' needs.

āš”ļø Scale Product

I help scale the product from an MVP Stage to a mass market, helping to grow the customer base along with the organisation.

šŸš€ MVPs

I create lean, highly effective MVP experiments. For example, testing with real people against actual problems to ensure the core assumptions are validated.

šŸ‘Ŗ Build Teams

I bring the right people to the table to create a product lead organisation. Making customer satisfaction the priority.


I like to support founders by investing in early-stage startups. It's great to share experiences in building companies and learn from each other.

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